I am a professional drummer, music educator, producer & audio engineer. Who has been playing & teaching drums professionally for over 20 years. Studied under Joseph D. Mitchell (LA Phil Harmonic) and James Bradley Jr. (Chuck Mangione & Anita Baker). I am currently offering lessons to beginning, intermediate & advanced students, starting at just $30 per hour. 

The beginner will learn to read modern drum notation / the four basic drum strokes (natural, down, tap & up) / proper sticking techniques for various applications / all standard rudiments, as recognized by the Percussive Society of America / playing to a click track / creative drum fills / odd meter patterns, and many styles including; jazz, funk, fusion, blues, rock, R&B, hip hop, reggae, world music and orchestral. 

The intermediate to advanced student will learn better control & execution of rudiments & grooves he or she may already be familiar with. Introduction to playing patterns in odd time signatures such as 5/4, 7/8 and 9/16. Visual concepts applied to various genres of music. To be used in an effort to capture a particular mood, as it relates directly to the feeling of a song. Similar to the practice of method acting. 

Lessons are held at my project recording studio near downtown Los Angeles. On two sets: An acoustic muffled practice kit, used during the Rudiment & Sight Reading portions of the lesson. As well as an 8 piece Roland Electronic virtual drum set, used during the Drum Set Application portion of the session. Which allows for real time play along with lesson material or any of your favorite songs.


Introductory lesson = $20 ($10 off first 1 hr lesson for all NEW STUDENTS)
One hour lesson = $30 (in studio) 
Two hour lesson = $50 (in studio) 

Payment Options Include: Cash, Debit or Credit & Paypal     

Contact: Khalil Hebert
Phone: 323.610.8887
Email: khalil@snarebeats.com

Drum Lessons