5 Years ago I was diagnosed with a rare joint disease called "Reactive Arthritis". I then spent the following 2 years using crutches & canes to get around (playing drums was not an option), as the doctors told me there was only a 30% chance that I would ever walk on my own again. 

When I finally did beat the odds, 24 months and a world of excruciating pain later. I found myself broke, alone and feeling very lost as a man and musician. Prior to being diagnosed I had made my living as a full time professional drummer for over 10 years (doing what I love), and now I found myself forced to reenter the 9-5 grind and take an hourly customer service position. I approached this new situation with a positive attitude and hard work ethic (as I do EVERYTHING in my life) and only 3 months later was promoted to supervisor of my department. 

Now after 3 years of loyal service and rebuilding the entire department from the ground up, I was still making $2 dollars less per hour than the average supervisor in my position, working in the State of California. Frustration grew daily, as I began to feel less and less appreciated by my employer. 

In July the owner was having a bad day and decided to verbally attacked me for parking in an unauthorized space, as someone else had parked in my assigned space that morning. He called me out of my name and gave me the finger in front of fellow co workers, one of the most unprofessional working experiences I have ever been involved in. Then to make matters even worse, someone who I thought was a friend, have known for over 25 years and who I had gotten a job there 2 years prior without a formal interview, also began to verbally attacked me. Maybe he was trying to secure his job in the heat of the moment, in some obscure effort to show loyalty to the company? Regardless of the reason, I have ZERO tolerance for betrayal. Because situations change, people don’t!!

So I said all that to say this, the universe works in mysterious ways. These trials and tribulations have brought me back to my true love and the only place I belong...behind a drum set!!